MFU Students Win the 2nd Runner-Up in The Monk Studios Animation Contest 2022


     On 27 August 2022, students of the Multimedia Technology and Animation programme, the School of Information Technology won the second runner-up with a prize money of 10,000 baht in the Monk Studios Animation Contest 2022 at The Monk Studios, Chiang Mai.

     MFU’s Tak Air team consisting of Ms. Bulan Petchara and Ms. Sarocha Kamthondecha, had competed against 30 teams from universities across Thailand and were chosen to compete in the final round. Under the concept of "The Spirit of Northern Thailand", the contestants were required to present their 30-second animated intro video.

     During the past 15 years, The Monk Studios has collaborated on visual affects with various film production companies including Dreamworks, Disney, Lucasfilm, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Networks. The outstanding works include Monster Hunter: Legend of the Guild (2021), Rango (2011, Paramount), Final Fantasy XV (2016, Sony Home Entertainment), The Yin Yang Master (2020, China), Journey to The West 2 (2017, China), Star Wars: The Force Unleashed game (2010, USA), etc.

Photo by The Monk Studios

| writer Piraya Buddhasri |